Saturday, April 26, 2014

Philadelphia Airport

(to Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom")

I’m glad to know I’m going home
You know
Waiting for the flight
How sweet
I found an outlet for the phone

I guess I'm just a
Old trav’ling poor some one
Now the gates have changed
The more I walk the more my feet get numb

Now I wait and stare
At Philadelphia airport
And I pray to my dear Lord
“Don’t lose my bags.”

Philadelphia airport
Charged me high fees ‘cause they can
See that piece of pie, just twenty

Oh Philadelphia airport
Mercy me
The fast food
Bar on right
Need a beer as I wait for a flight
Longest night, longest night
Longest night, where the heck’s my flight?
Philadelphia airport
A cold brew
Just might do.

If you choose to
You can surf the web on phone
Or watch the crying kiddies
(there’s always crying kiddies)
Or wander
To a news stand for a comb
(or wander to a news stand for a comb)

I like being thrifty without spending for bite
Brought my Krispy Kreme glazed donuts
Helps expand my thighs.

Now I know the score
At Philadelphia airport
At the gate I wait to board
I’m mighty glad
Philadelphia airport
I must leave, now don’t be sad
You’re a piece of time that frankly never flies

Philadelphia airport
Glory be
Won’t miss you
Or the lights
In my eyes, how they left me half blind

Nighty night, nighty night
Nighty night, got to catch my flight
Philadelphia airport
I need to
I need to
Yes, I need to
Bid adieu

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