Sunday, July 22, 2012


There are times when an argument should be over. When finally a voice or moment overtakes and trumps all the crap that was said and done before.

But we can’t do that because we’re America. America believes in arguing everything. We argue religion. We argue business. We argue government. We argue morals. We argue things that need no argument, but we’ll argue anyway because our love for arguing overwhelms our sense of finality.

We argue about guns. The right to bear arms. The right to walk into any gun shop, buy a gun, and use a gun for our pleasure or protection. I don’t have a problem with buying a gun. We have a right to protect ourselves, and guns can provide protection. Some people like to hunt. Some people like to shoot for sport.

And some people like to kill other people with guns. Guns allow an efficient means to kill someone. If you have an assault rifle, bully for you. You’ve upped your efficiency quota. Hit the internet for a little advice, and you can make that gun you bought at Wal-Mart even more efficient.

I know lots of people who own guns. These people are very responsible, kind people. They’re safety conscious. They’re meticulous with their weapons. They know it’s a deadly item, so they respect its capabilities.

So when should the government take away your right to own a gun? Never? Sometimes? Always?

I’m of the ilk that if we allow public purchases of assault weapons, why can't we own bazookas? Why not allow me to walk into Wal-Mart and purchase a flame thrower? Why can't we enjoy C-4? After all, C-4 doesn’t kill people. People kill people.

Could this be the end of the argument? Could this be the moment that the NRA says “You know, we can’t support a person’s right to own assault weapons because these weapons are far too dangerous”?

Sanity, I believe, says we should end this argument now. But we can't end it. Not in America.

Money is involved, and money trumps sanity and lives.

So enjoy the comfort in knowing that the noble NRA is looking after our nation’s best interests by fighting for your right to own efficient weaponry. Because gun interests are more important than the lives of families that sat in a theater in Aurora.


  1. Ok firstly there is no such thing as an Assault weapon it is a term that was invented for the purpose of strengthen support for the “The Federal Assault Weapons Ban” which was introduced under Clinton administration. It is men tot in the minds of those reading draw a link between the fire arms the meet a select criteria and the military defines as “Assault rifles”. Despite the criteria for the two things being totally different the weapons that have been reported to be band under Obama’s new bill fall into this category that was invented for political purpose. Modern military weapons are already relatively difficult to gain access to you have to apply for a class 3 weapons permit which requires things such as a background check, being fingerprinted as well as many other things. As a result of this we find that it is impossible to legally purchase the weapons which are shown in your picture.

    The reason why this argument can’t end is that unless both side actually understand what they are talking about there will continue to argue over different point and thus get nowhere. As highlighted in your post.

  2. Thanks for your comment and the clarifications, Sunshine. I don't get comments very often, but when I do, I try to respond.

    You're absolutely right that both sides don't understand each other, and I'm personally doing my own research. I have gun owning friends who've sent me tons of articles about guns, some good, some bad, some are just plain over the top strange.

    I've since learned about the meanings of assault weapons, categorizations of what is automatic or semi-automatic, and I agree that most of the characterizations are politically shaded to produce the best fear result. The issues of gun over saturation still remain, and not addressing those issues is still a problem.

    Again, thanks for the comment!

  3. The argument over assault weapons is just a distraction from the real cause, which is gun safety. Not just for the gun owner, but us Americans as a whole.

    I don’t know if there will ever be an “ideal solution” to today's violence in society, but we can, as a civilized society, make sure it’s easier to protect Americans. How to protect the public? We regulate cars and toys, medicines and mutual funds. So, simply as a public health matter, shouldn’t we take steps to reduce the toll from our domestic arms industry?
    Simple 14 Point Gun Safety Plan.

    1. Close the loophole for gun-show checks
    2. Limit gun purchases to one per month per person, to reduce gun trafficking. And just as the government has cracked down on retailers who sell cigarettes to minors, get tough on gun dealers who sell to traffickers.
    3. Ban big magazines. If a shooter had had to reload after firing 10 bullets, he might be tackled earlier.
    4. Invest in new technologies such as “smart guns,” which can be fired only when near a separate wristband or after a fingerprint scan.
    5. Group firearms into Categories with different levels of control.
    6. You have to take a class and a written exam.
    7. A skill test at a shooting range
    8. Drug test
    9. Mental evaluation. (If you believe the US government or a foreign power will come and round you up and kill you – you don’t qualify!)
    10. Assuming you pass all those tests, you file with the police, who then run a background checks.
    11. Each firearm must be registered - in a National database - to the owner by serial number and make the serial numbers harder to erase.
    12. Make it mandatory that if you own a gun, you need to own a safe, key lock and/or other anti-theft devices.
    13. Longer waiting periods.
    14. Frequent renewal including updated photo and medical questionnaire

    Can anyone really object to these common sense points?