Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Donna, My Iguana

(to the song "Gary, Indiana" from 'The Music Man')

Donna, my iguana
Eats the flora, fauna
Lounges in the sauna
She’s my scaly, porta friend

Donna, my iguana
Smokes the marijuana
Listens to Madonna
Puffs the herb and says eh-men.

She’s the type who loves an intimate conversation
As she munches on the delicate vegetation
She will play guitar, a rhapsody revelation

Hear her strum sublime
See her claws keep time.

Donna, my iguana
Loves to drive her Honda
Down to Texarkana, Dallas, Tex, Grand Forks, and Nome

Donna, my iguana
Dates an anaconda
Texts her friend, Rolanda
From phone with Chrome.

(picture from http://www.dollarman.com/puertorico/greeniguana.html)

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