Friday, April 13, 2012

Using Your Religion

(to REMs "Losing My Religion")

Found a trigger
A trigger for you
And you can now see
The churches I now go to
To reach the throngs inside
See now, I’m now in touch
I’ll count ‘em up

Help me in November
Love me in the soundbite
Using your religion
Hoping to rake in a few
And I’ve seen how the others do it
Need votes, so I suck up
I’m gonna need a bump

My lips you can see them flapping
Your hymns you will hear me sing
I know I’m just your kind of guy

Help me, sister
I’m seeking higher power
I’m making my connections
Tying to your divine world view
Take a verse, quote, and twist its view
I’ll show I know your stuff
Makes me look tough

I harvest this
The fields of society
A polished kiss
I’ll sip their bagged tea
Hear my talks hail
“God adores democracies.
No heathens allowed.
Now let’s go have lunch.”

A verse when I start attacking
A verse when I rally team
Don’t think, I need forgiving minds

I hope you’ll vote for me
Hope you’ll vote for me

I’ve God in my corner
I’m saved for the spotlight
Using your religion
Wanting to be born anew
And I do know if I don’t do it
My votes in church might rust
Elections are a bust

Your faith is a vein I’m tapping
Your faith is a vein I need
I’ll sell my soul, I’ll drink your wine

So please come vote for me….

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