Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Fears of a Star

(to The Tears of a Clown)

Now if there’s a cop at my place
Maybe my actions could appear suspect
And we celebs know what we should do
Our reputation is a must to protect

So why bother with these questions
On these so-called indiscretions?
Maybe I’m sad
Or I’m gladder than glad
Or lost and I’m off to rehab.
Or bipolar is driving me mad.

You know the public’s keen to find
The dirt that resides inside
The fears of a star
When you know who we are

Well you know how the famous can be
Only show what we want to be witnessed
So forgive us these mortal mistakes
A nasty blemish is so bad for business
Now just let us entertain you
Forget those things that we do
Like cheating on wives
Yes, logic defies
Our history we will revise
And in public we wear a disguise

Now everyone has highs and lows
And those lows will soon expose
The fears of a star
When you know who we are


At this large media fest
The celebrities are at their best
And like ancient pots of clay
The cracks will be on display
The fears of a star
When you see who we are

There was a time you embraced
The me that you didn’t question
And now, a slight transgression

So why should the public care
You put me in a cage and stare

But I don’t lose
The money, it soothes…
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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