Sunday, June 8, 2014

We Are The Smart In Texas

(to "Deep in the Heart of Texas")

We’re sage and bright
And oh so right
We are the smart in Texas

We all look fly
With weapons high
We like our guns in Texas

The gays we’ll prune
And fix them soon
They aren’t our type in Texas

We think our gov
Should cure their love
You should be straight in Texas

Those science guys
Are none too wise
We change the facts in Texas

So school book texts
Will be an-nexed
We love our kids in Texas

See the felons wail
Inside our jail
You will be caught in Texas

Let’s kill them all
Then shop in mall
We keep it light in Texas.

(Note: This by no means reflects the heart and soul of many thoughtful Texans. It only speaks to the conservatives who want to take Texas back to the 19th century.)

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