Saturday, March 15, 2014


I like being green
It's easy to be seen
Except in grasses that are tall
So it's best to be seen in Fall, if at all.

I like being purple
Like a Nehi, sweet as surple
But not as fizzy with the bubbles
All that gas could bring me troubles.

I like being yellow
Is there no other color quite as mellow?
But I'd hope it's not jaundice
Being healthy makes me the fondest.

I like being gold
It's something that makes me feel shiny and bold
Though it might make me a commodity
I guess that would make me a sentient, valuable oddity.

I like being turquoise
It's not very loud and makes little noise
On jewelry, I like it much
On the skin, it's a natural touch.

But I don't like being blue
In my view, it's the saddest hue. True?
Even if I know three chords on the guitar
Blue is not what I want by far.

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