Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lost In A Parking Lot

(to Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell)

I waved to my wife
“I’ll see you at four o’clock”
At the local mall, so unique
Where the credit cards flock
Left the house two hours ago
The cars go slow, try to spot
The right slot
I can’t find my wife
Got lost in the parking lot

No one wants to leave
They’re living their carpe diem
And they’ll drive their Beetle
Take a space and a half, there’s no free one
Don’t you want to slap the schmoe
Cause he don’t know how to park
In a spot
I’m wasting my life
I’m lost in the parking lot

Hey greedy speedy
There’s no way of slowing her down
See her drinking a Snapple
She’s wielding her bulky humvee
Saw the mall when sun aglow
The moon now shows over top
Of the lot
They turned out the lights
I’ll sleep in a parking lot.

Sun shone bright
Awoke to car door slam
And my sweet little Maxine
Put her stash in the van
“Honey, hope you’re not too sore
But I must go back and shop
For a jot.
More cash would be nice
So find you a parking spot.”

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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