Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Airlines Add New Fee

(K. Letterman News Agency)

According to an airline spokesperson, Delta airlines is planning on adding a new fee that charges for armrests.

“We’ve been forced to do this due to economic forces and the fact that the vast majority of people have arms,” said airline spokesperson John-John Overalls.

Currently, all seats on airplanes have armrests. The armrests are a fixed attachment on the chair.

Delta says it will add a pressure sensor on each armrest that produces an electrical shock if someone’s arm comes in contact with the armrest. To prevent the shock, passengers will have the option to pay for “shockless” comfort.

“Initially,” said Overalls, “we expect to charge a dollar per fifteen minutes of rest. For convenience, we’ll accept both coins and bills.”

Other airlines are expected to add the option to their flights.

Airlines are also exploring other avenues of revenue including charging for seat cushions, pillows, and oxygen.

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