Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gimme a Kite (A Philadelphian's Story)

He cheered, “The rain is fallin’!”
And all the people in his party
Saw him go outside
They heard the thunder callin’
They said “Hey, eclectic dude
What is your state of mind?”

“Well, there’s lightnin’ everywhere,
And look, I’ve got some keys to spare.
Just gimme a kite.
Gimme a kite.”

He was a man of action
He liked to read but couldn’t see
He needed glass enhanced
Had a brain contraction
Knew what he needed right away
Cured his blurry glance

Soon was reading everywhere
With those bifocals he would wear
“They gimme the sight.
Gimme the sight.”

He was the thoughtful type
Wrote Poor Richard’s Proverbs
You could say twas pennywise
He had a zeal for life
He loved to discover
For he saw what just might
Be more refined
How you warm your behind
“Just gimme a light.
Gimme a light.”

With inventiveness to spare
He gave us catheters for care
For freeing the dike
Freeing the dike.

He rose to noble heights
And signed with his brothers
They declared their common plight
But early on, his time
With printers, he hovered
Though it seemed that he might
Print all his life
Job just wasn’t his type

And every kid remembers
He left his stamp on postage dealings
Makes our mail come by
Overseas he bantered
He was cause célèbre in streets,
Salons, and Paris nights
Lots of stories I could share
But frankly, Ben’s beyond compare
He’s Benny the Bright
Benny the Bright.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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