Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting What We Paid For

We are a country set on speed
A culture set upon a need
To never follow, only lead
Where has it got us?

We buy our cell phones in a store
Then text an hour, maybe more
Our verbal skills are out the door.
What epiglottis?

In cars we hurry, don’t be late
Our shoulders carry worlds of fate
What if we pause, would thin ice break?
It’s what we taught us.

How we curse the ones who fall
Because they’re holding up us all
Our hearts too focused on our ball
Our needs aren’t modest.

What once was patience, now behold
The one who thinks is simply slow
We want it now is all we know
Look what we bought us.

If that’s our country, it’s a sham
For better things are in our land
Why can’t we breathe and open hands?

That would be nice.

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