Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keno Shuffle

(to Boz Scaggs' Lido Shuffle)

See old miss and mister’s play
With paper stacks
And wait for number hits
To win their money back

In a hotel bar
Near the roulette czars
Behind the slots
They nibble chips and down
A glass or two of schnapps

They plop fives down,
Keno starts another round,
Granny groans
She says “One more game, need a winner.
Need to pay for my dinner.”
Diggin’ a hole

Woe woe woe woes
She’s losin’ money
She’s goin’ broke
Keno’s a thing you should forgo
Say ‘no, no, no!’
They say
“One more ball, gonna draw it.
One more ball, then I’ll call it."
Throw cash in a hole.

Keno be somethin’
For the old and young
If’n you got the dough.
Thinkin’ bide your time will win it
And earn a fine C note
You’ll be cryin’ in your Smirnoff
Sellin’ all your common stock
Sellin’ your boat
“One more game, then I’ll quit it.
Got me hooked, I admit it.”
You’re diggin’ a hole.

Don’t want to go
It’s like the honey
Sweet from the comb
Keno’s the bee that sees you prone
Go see a show, whoa whoa
And you
Worked real hard for your wages
Don’t go blow it in Vegas
Don’t dig you a hole.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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