Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Larry Is A Guernsey

(to Gerry and the Pacemakers' Ferry Cross the Mersey)

He chews on greens ev’ry day
Cud keeps his hunger at bay

Our Larry
Is a Guernsey
See him stand
In place he loves
Until one day.

Ethan’s a touch unaware
He is a man quite impaired

So calmly,
Stood the Guernsey
Said Ethan,
“I’m prepared,
I’ve got my gloves.”

Bucket plopped down near a small chair
Boy thought that he’d been pranked
Larry, he thought, was girl not boy
He gave the wrong thing a yank.

People continue to talk
Ethan, at milk, he will balk.

Now Larry,
Is in Jersey
In green field
Of leaves he’s loved
On plate displayed
To his dismay
Nice filet

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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