Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All I Need is Blood

(to All You Need is Love)

Blood blood blood
Blood blood blood
Blood blood blood

There's something I must do to be the one
Someone to be slain and then it's done
Someone's in my way
And when he's dead I will rule the day
So easy!

Whatever she asks I must obey
Whatever she wants, she has her way
Nothing I can do
And if I don't I will carry the shame.

Just before the dawn
I'll have dagger drawn
Then ol' Duncan's long, gone
Blood is all I need.

Not a merry song
I must move anon
Murder, foul most wrong, son
Tis a bloody deed.

Nothing we can do to clean our hands
Nothing we can do to change our plans
What became of me
I'm not the Thane I used to be
I'm queasy

Just when I got tough
Holy cow, Macduff!
Is Macduff enough rough?
It's my head he needs.

All you need is blood (fight together now!)
All you need is blood (everybody)
All you need is blood, blood.
Blood is all you need (blood is all you need)
Slice and dicin' me (life's a choppin' spree)
Say goodbye to me (gonna bury me)
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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