Sunday, February 7, 2010


(to the song Clocks by Coldplay)

Clothes go round in a metal cave
Suck the wet from the wash and rinse
They’re mixed and matched with dungarees
Oh, I swear, used bleach again
Where are my missing clothes?
Start to grapple where they go
An appliance or a cosmic gate
Black hole to another plane
Don’t go
Don’t go

Extrusion never stops
Washing clothes and missing socks
What if
I track and find the home
I climb right in and close the door
I find my missing keys
Things long lost and absentees
Am I
Part of brave new world
Or a sad man with heated seat
Oh no…(x6)

…I’m smelling burning hair
…I’m saying my last prayer
…My soul is now prepared

Thrown, thrown
With centrifugal speed
Groan, groan
Hear me mumble and plead
Known known
I would tumble and bleed
Shown shown
Where the missing things lead.
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker
(picture of socks from

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