Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the Loo

(to Glenn Miller's In the Mood)

What’s the dealie daddy with congressional guys
What’s the matter, maybe you’ve got cataract eyes
I’ll just tell you, sonny, were you listenin’ at all?
Incontinental Congress leaves a mess in the hall.
So we see the chaos when two parties are rude
It seems our country’s waitin’
While you’re in the loo.

First we tell you firmly that we wanted a change
Then we said don’t let us lose our home on the range
And we know recovery will take us some time
With both aisles a screamin’ out their partyin’ line
Well, now our representatives are all on the spot
It’s time to get to business
Or get off the pot

In the loo
That’s where they’re sittin’
In the loo
It’s kind of fittin’
In the loo
The stink has thickened
Our country’s waitin’ for you to get out the loo, now

Off the pot
Some heavy liftin’
Off the pot
Stop cherry pickin’
Off the pot
The clock is tickin’
We’re done with toleratin’ so get off the pot, now.

So, you high and mighty, I don’t mean to be rude
Our confidence is fading
While we’re gettin’ screwed.

While you’re tossin’ fuel onto a partisan feud
Your worried ‘bout November
‘Stead of you know who.

Stop the crap you’re spewin’ all you patisan clans
With the kind of ‘tude that doesn’t lend us a hand
I’ll just tell you, honey, it’s way out of control
The hypocrites are winnin’ with their stale vitreol
We really shouldn’t care about the whom or the who
Just do the nation’s business
And get out the loo.

If you’re feelin’ helpless, and that Congress won’t care
Send this little ditty, whether e-mail or air
To the Hill that seems to take a long time to think
Even as economies continue to sink
Put your name to paper, and it’ll give ‘em shock
Let’s tell the jerks “Get busy
And get off the pot.”
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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