Friday, July 3, 2009

Productions that Swing

(to Sultans of Swing)

The show's about the start
The anchor's running through her parts, it's near noontime
The show is heavy, the producer cuts everything
Reporter's on the Avid, cutting to time
Does that soundbite make the piece ring?

Weather's on the set, and the map needs many more graces
The rain is coming soon, he sees the front movin' down
Competition from other stations
Don't have the doppler that's following that 'round
Heading down south, way on down south to Winston town

Check out Gange George, he knows audio boards
He's strictly levels, he doesn't want to make things pop or ping
And though the board is old, it's what they can afford
When the time is right, he can make it sing

And Roberta doesn't mind is she doesn't set the scene
The camera pulls out, but she'll keep the shot tight
She can pull a key off of about anything
Even when there's very little light
These are productions... these are productions that swing

And those camera boys they're jokin' around on the floor now
Hopped up on caffeine and ready for a half hour show
They won't lose their minds as Sports Guy fumbles his lines
And they're quiet when the open rolls
These are productions... yeah productions, cue jingle...yeah, jingle baby.

And then the anchor speaks right into her microphone
She says good day and here's what's happening
'Here's the news you use to keep you well informed'
The producer smiles, and he knows one thing
'These are productions... These are productions that swing'
©2009 Warren Baker

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