Monday, June 29, 2009

Unpredictable Ways

(to Mysterious Ways)

Kitty take a walk
At the sound of her food
See her slink on by
Displaying some 'tude
She's got you trained really good
Eating what she feels
While you're filling her plate
She's plotting her next five meals...

Cat nipping
She'll make you crawl
See her stare
When you
Toss the ball

She won't bite, not tonight, it's all right
She has unpredictable ways
She won't bite, oh all right, she'll bite
She has unpredictable ways

Kitty take a nap
While it thunders and it rains
If a bomb should go off
She won't be phased
Though she looks like a child
Her love lasts just a while
And when she's had enough
Her claws can rip through clay tile
Hide your arms boy

She's the queen
She knows the weak
You're the mark,
And she's the four legged thief

She won't fight, late at night, it's all right
She has unpredictable ways
Oh all right, she might fight, tonight
She has unpredictable ways
I'm alright, no not quite, she bites
She drew blood, ruined my night

One day she will look... back
And she will see... where
Litter fell... now
The foul smell... while
You just stand there
You could scoop out that moment
While you get queasy

She will fight, she will bite, that's right
She has unpredictable ways
It's not right, it's not right, not right
She has unpredictable ways
©2009 Warren Baker

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