Sunday, November 16, 2014

Clinical Shakespeare- Sonnet 18

Should I say you’re like a 24 hour period between June and August?
You are more fetching and less prone to temperature swings:
Tumultuous breezes agitate pre-flower encasements
And June through August does not last through the rest of the year
The sun generates heat that makes things unbearable.
Then sometimes the sun isn’t very luminous
And once attractive things become less attractive
Whether due to freak accidents or meteorological disturbances
Even so, your warm core will be retained
And your temperate nature will not dissolve into the void
Nor will you lose those superior characteristics
And the expiration date metaphor will not keep you covered by its finality
Because these written words will stay forever on a server somewhere
As long as men can inhale and exhale and their irises are operating
Then my above summation of you will keep you from evaporating.

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