Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Think He's Coming Back

I think he's coming back
The sky says maybe not today
All I see is red and black
On a thorny blanket that covers the dunes
Or maybe it's a sack
Filled with dust and pins

But I think he's coming soon
The waves say maybe not today
All I hear are engines at noon
Falling to the ground, grinding us out
I want to be on the moon
Calm and floating through tranquility

I hope he's coming Monday
The book says I can't be certain
I think I can wait till Tuesday
My mind is itching and I can't reach it
Maybe Friday will bring some relief
Or that song I like could play
All day

I really don't want to wait
The times aren't what I want them to be
A day short and a dollar late
Many mouths and bellies expelling air
And all this shouting I hate
Let's all pray now for a switch

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