Saturday, November 16, 2013

Coast in View

(to the Psychedelic Furs "Ghost in You")

A car in your lane honks at light
And on the screen are bits and bytes
The sirens seeping through
It’s a typical day

Chairs may feel like chains
You'll run, run, run
To have a weekend away

In time you
Will make move
And all this fades
With coast in view
Cards well played
In rear view
Your old you
A spec of gray

A race of one you take in stride
The running shoes are worn and dried
No dust accrues on you
No children at play

Rain falls down at two
And sun, sun, sun
You see clouds in the way

Skies chide you
Subdued you
But you can trade
With coast in view
You’re okay
Inside you
Your child queued
Can she come play?

When we’re old it makes no sense
Our lives are filled with supplements
Just simplify the time
Just give it a way

Wade in just the same
And waves, waves, waves
Will slowly sweep you away

The world view
Can chew through
And make you slave
With coast in view
Smile and wave
It’s not new
The sand dunes
Can be reclaimed
The coast in you
It won’t fade.

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