Thursday, October 17, 2013

Showed Us Their Rear Ends
(to Todd Rundgren's "Can We Still Be Friends")

When they shut down
Place they abhor, they
Showed us their rear ends
Sweet tea egos
Stomped feet on floor and
Showed us their rear ends

They made country
Go blind
With the light
From their bright behinds
Thought it grand
Lovely shine
Then when it blew up
Press time

Won’t admit they
Made big mistakes when
Showed us their rear ends
Right whine with the
Sourest grapes, it
Showed us their rear ends

Moons a-full
Cheek to spare
Cracking words
With a puff of air
Here’s high five
For their work
Glutes not imbued
With clever.

(showed us their rear ends)
Will you please hide your nethers next time?
(showed us their rear ends)
Still each night they shine moon on and on and on

When they plot
Their next scheme
Hope to God
They wear slacks or jeans
Won’t be fond
Hope this is
Their seat swan song.

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