Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Thief

I once took a breath
While talking to friend
Enjoyed it so much
I took one again

The air that I felt
Expanding my chest
Was fueling my heart
So I thought it best

To breathe one more time
It came through my nose
In lungs it did sit
In chairs I suppose

And out it did leave
It rushed past my chin
No sooner had left
It wanted back in

So in it did fly
And to my delight
Inhaled me a day
And exhaled a night

Addicting it was
I'd have them with cheese
I'd sneak them outside
Behind some big trees

And when I get old
I'll greedily gobble
Short breaths on the stairs
As old legs will wobble

Then one day will come
My breathing will cease
My rent will come due
(or maybe my lease).

I'll steal me one more
Then one last exhale
As wind rushes out
This thief will set sail.

(picture from Wikipedia)

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