Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pon Far

(to the Beatles' "Hey Jude")

Pon far
I got it bad
It’s a sad song
Hope it gets better

Year seven
Ain’t heaven here in my heart
Wish it would part
Would make things better

Pon far
Makes folks afraid
If you bring soup
It makes me angered

I’ll fling it
The bowl will zoom at your head
If it were bread
It might be safer

And every time I feel the pain
Pon far’s
I long for the heat of home called Vulcan

Till then my loins will never cool
Pon far
Will rule
Stay clear and be safe while I am copin’

Pon far
Please beam me down
Warmy weather
Won’t need no sweater

I’m tethered
To lady, sans a good heart
She wants no part
She likely loves leather

I’ll fight it out with Cap’n Jim
And he
Won’t win
Some maiming for someone I have worked with

I did not know that doc would do
Some med
Kung fu
And suddenly fight is quickly over

Pon far
It makes me sad
All the mad things
They make me wonder

If maybe,
The urge to mate would be oft
Wouldn’t be cross
I’d like that better, better, better, better, oh…..

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