Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Plumber's Christmas

The story goes there was a plumber with an incredible ability to make himself small and then climb into faucets and thoroughly explore pipes. One Christmas eve, a customer asked him to come buy and fix a leaky sink. This was not a problem since the plumber passionately hated Christmas. It was just another day to him. When he arrived, he found the customer's house was beautifully decorated for the holidays. Lights were everywhere. Wreaths on every door. Candles in the windows. Mistletoe hanging in doorways. Even the sink was decorated with tiny wreaths and painted green and red. He shrugged off the decor and proceeded to shrink his body to fit into the sink's faucet. As he crawled inside the pipe, something strange happened. He was overcome with warm feelings about Christmas. He heard Jingle Bells playing in his head, and he liked it. He wanted to decorate his home with a tree. He wanted to buy presents for friends and strangers. When he recalls that moment 20 years ago, a tear comes to his eye. For that was the day he got into the Christmas spigot.

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