Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 12 Haiku of Christmas

The 12 Haiku of Christmas

Day 1
Generous woman
Lovely partridge she gave me
Tree, unexpected

Day 2
Doves arrived today
Oddly dressed in turtlenecks
Fought partridge for tree

Day 3
Foreign born birds came
Not happy with their new home
Insist on chateaus

Day 4
What’s with all the birds?
Four just arrived with cell phones
Each touch screen challenged

Day 5
She went to Jared’s
She financed five rings of gold
New mortgage on house

Day 6
Breakfast problem solved
Personal egg factory
Very noisy one

Day 7
Pool confiscated
Fowl swans swimming recklessly
Need hygiene lessons

Day 8
Eight maids and eight cows
Neighbors beginning to talk
I will not cowtow

Day 9
Nine pole dancing gals
Neighbors now taking pictures
Need liquor license

Day 10
Lords arrived FedEx
Stuffed in very small boxes
They leaped out quickly

Day 11
Pipers piped too long
Sound ordinance was broken
Police were summoned

Day 12
Twelve drummers drumming
Police cart me to quiet cell
Silent night at last

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