Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Swift With A Kick

(to Brian Hyland's "Sealed with a Kiss")

When my baby said “Let’s go
Meet my mother.
Baby, don’t mention her tick
Be sensitive, or know
I’ll imbue you with leather
Swift with a kick.”

Well, I’m simply not a cold
Thoughtless bugger
And I’m not a thoughtless drip
I told her, “You’re my queen
Or your foot does rear ender
Swift with a kick.”

I pulled our car in the driveway
My wife, her eyes were a-glare
I told her “Hon, I’ll obey you.
My baby, my heart’s prepared.”

Saw her momma, felt my face
Start to color
Quickly, my tongue I bit
It sat there by her chair
Eight legs and a pincher
A leash with tethered tick

No one’s blaming me for my
Verbal thunder
But I squealed like girl a bit
And then I felt my love’s
Quick attack with her Skechers
Swift with a kick
Swift with a kick
Swift with a kick

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