Friday, March 25, 2011

The Squire and Sherman the Sheep

Long ago, there was an evil squire who lived in the village. No one liked him very much because he was a bully. No one knew, except the parish priest, that the squire had a soft place in his heart for Sherman the talking sheep. Sherman was known far and wide for his speaking skills, and he’d often attend weddings and funerals and any gathering that required an animal with strong speaking skills. In fact, Sherman and the squire were great friends, and Sherman was once quoted as saying, “I’d give him the wool off my back.”

Then came the day the squire passed away. Since he was a bully, no one in town wanted to attend the funeral or offer any kind words about the squire. The priest, knowing the squire and the sheep were fast friends and that many people in the village liked Sherman, came up with an ingenious plan. He would ask Sherman to perform the eulogy. He remarked to one of his parishioners:

“Only ewe can lament boorish squire.”

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