Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day On The Mic

(to the Beatles' A Day In The Life)

I aired my views today, oh boy
A skewed and plucky pan that fans the flames
And if the views will make you mad
Well I guess that’s too bad
Your views are simply sad

I drive a jewel encrusted car
You might have noticed that I’m nicely paid
I’m proud my lis’ners think I’m fair
One thing that I enjoy
Sovereignty that I employ
No facts are here, they all annoy.

Come hear my voice today, oh boy
One sided arguments that fans adore
Confounding people who say ‘nay’
Well, I just call them ‘poop’
Cos’ they won’t be duped

I want to spin till dawn

“Line one,
What’s on your mind?
Gays or jobs or party swine?
Are you mad sometimes, and had enough?
And feeling rough
Like being second rate?
Hear me folks and hear my facts
It’s not us, its other saps.
They’ve no brain up there, not workin’ folk
And our only hope is my convoluted scheme.”


I make the news today, oh boy
My showman soul stirs masses far and near
And though you think my mind is small
I love my dark cabal
God, I love my countrymen,
I speak and all the words enthrall

I want to spin till dawn.

Copyright 2011 Warren Baker

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