Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bowl of Miso

(to Nat King Cole's Mona Lisa)

Bowl of miso, bowl of miso
Full of tofu
Taste so warm and luscious with a sushi pile
You’re not phony like baloney
Or that fake food
You’re my bowl of miso, shamelessly I smile

Don’t you try to take my lovely bowl of miso
Or you’ll likely pay with gently broken arm
Petty schemes will bring wrath to your instep
Practice bone care
You should be scared
You’ve been warned, don’t you steal bowl of miso
Or justly I will bop you, till you call for mom

Soup beguiles, makes heart a flutter, bowl of miso
With fresh fish, my tasty ride to heaven starts
If the day has been fraught with some missteps
Soup will bring care,
And I’ll ree-pair
Keeps me warm, mass appeals, bowl of miso
So don’t withhold its brothy goodness from my heart

copyright 2011 Warren Baker

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