Friday, December 24, 2010

The Weight of the World

(to Earth Wind and Fire's The Way of the World)

Be inspired
With a heart on fire
Reach up high and higher
To the place we belong

Walk the wire
Be all you aspire.
Lies and liars
Have no room in our song

We are together for a host of days
Soften your hard hearts, be of cheer
And keep the faith though things around decay
Think back two thousand years.

There are times
(there are times)
Those unkind
They will rip right through
And their claws take hold
It’s not your fate
You won’t lose your soul
He won’t depart
Cause He’s ever, forever near your heart

If the weight
Of the world
It presses more
Than you can endure

A child was born
To provide a spark
Bringing all the world
A light to the dark.

copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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