Thursday, December 23, 2010

Salad Shooter

(to Heart's Barracuda)

Black Bart had a gun
I started to run
I had to make a getaway

I ran like the wind
Looking for anything
“I will prevail!”

I saw its soft glow out in the street
I hustled before bullets screamed
That’s when I found, found, found, found
Something sweet
A chopping tool
Salad shooter

Tater’s and thyme
Set it for fine
Let free
Attacked the outlaw with brie

Hit hard, hit strong
A vegetable throng
Lettuce stains

He made a quick draw aiming at me
I countered back with yams and beets
He cried "It hurts, hurts, hurts, your healthy treats
Darn you
Salad shooter.”

Packed greens, shot true
The outlaw’s head
Then found three pound
Some citrus round fruit
The oranges hit and seeds flew

Food took flight, nutritious fest
Crammed gun with tasty snacks
Shot him some healthy food
Crunchy crunchy too

It has appeal, blades whirly and quick
Hair trigger slice dice carrot stick
You’ve gotta fun gun son, it chews and chips
Food chute
Salad shooter

copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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