Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Parade of Clowns (November Torment)

Author's Note: Our system of government is a wonderful system made of representation and transitions of power. However, getting elected in the US brings out the worst in candidates. I guess it's so we can see how much of an ass they can be when they get elected.

(to Speed of Sound by Coldplay)

A throng
Are showing their ends
The tongue it talks
Engaged to offend
Old song
The melody nice
The goal I know
Negative snipe
They throw
Mud don’t you know?
You must pick a side
The masses tell you so
So long
My sanity slides
I feel the vibe
Of an autumn decline

Play tough
Commercials at night
Vagaries crooning
Out to fan the fright
Drink up
Manic debris
Any flavor you want
With a slice of cheese
Through fog
Of edited jabs
Sense the big bucks
Pulling the strands
My heart
I fear it will stop
Before the seething
And trash shut up.

Big top ploys
And circus sounds
Funny faces
Smiles abound
As we keep watching a parade of clowns
To see who is an honest man
What they’re saying
Fertilizes ground
And you can smell it
In the underhand.

Hear cheers
Decorum decline
Loudest protesters
Hype loudly defined
The clinking of china cups
In hands of minahs
Parrot stuff
For no one like me
For I think and I often read
Your god would have me believe
The heavenly best will
Guzzle tea

Frenzied joy
In rings of round
Painted faces
Come to town
So jaded watching this parade of clowns
Who knows if he’s an honest man?
Facts are fictions
It’s so turned around
If you could feel it then you’d take a bath
And if you don’t you’ll likely get a rash

Voting time
November torment
Strange sounds
Promises said
Some get broke
And some get bent

Words flow slyly from parade of clowns
To show you they are honest men
Clowns are winking
And their drums will pound
I can’t believe them
And they all annoy.
I find ‘em pleasin’
Like a hemorrhoid.

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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