Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oprah Gives Away Kernersville, NC

K. Letterman News Agency

Oprah Winfrey, who has ruled the television talk shows since she made her debut, gave away Kernersville, North Carolina on her farewell broadcast yesterday.

Mary Jenkins of Park Place, New Jersey, who knows nothing about North Carolina, says she’s underwhelmed with the gift.

“I really wanted Raleigh,” she said. “But Oprah knows all, so it must be destiny or a very cruel joke. A refrigerator would have been nice.”

Jenkins, a part-time receptionist for a chemical plant, said she has no immediate plans to change the city.

“I need to get a map first,” she said. “I hope they have a Belks there. I like Belks.”

Oprah has owned Kernersville since 2007 since she won the North Carolina city in a poker game.

The last episode of Oprah, which aired Friday, featured many giveaways. Gifts included a small Chinese man, the Rice-a-Roni factory in California, and Mel Gibson.


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