Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Parodist's Dilemma (or How to Succeed with Readers Without Really Dying)

(to Dusty Springfield's I Only Want to Be With You)

You parody a song you hope that people know
Instead it’s something vague or artist not well known
You pick something poppy, rarely seen
Lyrics from the fringe insure obscurity
No readers bring the blues
Be mindful of the tunes you use.

You know it’s sadder when a song is known to you
While others all around don’t know your favorite tune
Don’t be alarmed now, let’s make a fix
It’s easier to do this than to pound your fist
It’s simple if you choose;
I’m offering advice to you

This is no grand decree
Take it with a grain of salt
Go deep inside the music charts
A catchy tune that bops

And keep it airy

Seize a moment, take a breath, and then exhale
Go find yourself a short song, and begin your tale
Now you’re writing something people read
Then you’re writing words to Freddie’s rhapsody
Go find yourself a groove,
The readers will be thanking you

Your words will resonate
Fame will call and soon romance
You’ll step into its soothing charms
You’ll make a big advance

(and maybe money)

Once you have indulged the classics, change the pace
Indulge the esoteric tastes you still embrace
With your reputation, greatly grown
Better since you dove into the better known
The people will read you,
They’ll simply want to sing your tune

The people, the people will read you
They’ll simply want to sing your tune

(Amazing, amazing but who knew?
I wrote a song that’s read by you.)

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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