Sunday, May 2, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

(to the Trammps Disco Inferno)
(Author's Note: The original thought for this music mashup was not mine. AmIRight featured a similar parody from 2008 by Melanie Lee with her take on one of the battle cries from the 2008 Republican Convention. Her song was
Offshore Inferno (Drill Baby Drill). You'll find our approaches quite different.)

Drill baby drill
Drill baby drill
Drill baby drill
Drill baby drill

Were we surprised?
Few million barrels wide
Slick is getting loose y’all
Moving down on the coast

Where’s the screaming
“Hungry for oil!”
A silence so deafening
See the beaches startin’ to spoil

Did I hear someone say

“Drill baby drill,
Oceans will bestow.
Drill baby drill,
Keep dependence down
Drill baby drill,
Our waters are safe go
Drill baby drill,
Help your country now.”

What inaction
Brought on this bad reaction?
We couldn’t get enough
An addiction to the stuff

The fix is on
Tasty by the drop
Now the blame is going strong
We see the masses getting hot

And I still hear them say

“Fill baby fill,
Fill my Camaro.
Fill baby fill,
Fill my Lincoln Towne
Fill baby fill,
Fly to Toledo
Fill baby fill,
Plane is touching down.”

Twelve people are gone
Crude is flowing everywhere
Can’t stop the flow
Now our ocean needs repair

Whose fixation
Led us to this cruel creation?
Conserving may be tough
If we don’t, we’ll self-destruct

We know the plight
One world’s all we got
But consumers are always right
We gotta have what we have not

We need a better way

Turn baby turn
Say no to oil flow
Learn baby learn
Find another route
Turn baby turn
Fossil fuel must go
Learn baby learn
Make your planet proud
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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