Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beer is the Answer

(to England Dan and John Ford Coley's Love is the Answer)

My lone vice
A lager that’s cold as ice
I can’t stand it if it’s warm

And I’ve had Coors and Stroh’s
Beers I’ve explored, ignored, and poured
If there’s a good stout, I’d have downed it
Chewy with flavors robust and rounded

Fill my glass tall.
Foamy glee
Beer is the answer
Want to meet girls?
Drinks on me.
Beer is the answer.

Wet or dry
Flavors complex or shy
And at summits, it is served

Makes people often slur
Or they will concur, or purr, or demure
Whether you drink reds
Or Porter style
Tasty makes them worthy to crawl a mile.

Careful with malts
Don’t by cheap
Beer is the answer
If you must fall
Be discrete
Beer is the answer.

Belgian brews make me smile
But wheats to me are rancid
(Just like antacids)
I’m a fan of the darks and the ambers

If it’s a nice bouquet
(Buy me another)
Before you start to sway
(Buy me another)
And when it starts to foam
(Buy me another)
And if your girth has grown
(Pour me another)
Or if your feel tapped out
(Pour me another)
I’ll take a Guinness Stout
(Pour me another)
If you’ve an evil twin
(Buy me another)
I’ll gladly drink with him

You’ve got to buy
You’ve got to buy me another

Four letter word
Rhymes with deer
Beer is the answer
This liquid jewel
Brings us cheer
Beer is the answer
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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