Monday, March 29, 2010

That Decade Rocked (tribute to the 80s)

(to Life is a Rock but the Radio Rolled Me by hear the original see Life is a Rock on YouTube).

Hear them mumble, all the singers
Words are bungled, nothing lingers
Where’s the knack for lyric writin’
Hate the three chord tricks, I’m dyin’
Give me something, take it higher
Bring it, ping it, nothing tired
Where’s the humor, songs with passion
Not much out brings satisfaction
Maybe baby, I’m a critic
I see the shoe, I see it fit it
See the eighties, how they gripped me
Renaissance, the sonics trippy
Let me tell you, pretty mama
Tunes today like braying llamas
Gimme Go-Go’s, Gary Numan
And the league that says they’re human
Capture rapture, words so vital
Shocking monkeys in a title

That decade rocked
And the eighties still roll me
Though some songs were a downer
Like the Smiths sang boldly
(no, no, no, no)
Now, it’s Tick Tock
And the idols sing oldies
Rather hear my old vinyl
My reissued goldies

Brass in pocket, no pretendin’
Squeeze had mussels, Idol wedding
Men at Work, they work down under
How about them one hit wonders?
Jenny Jenny, rockin’ Falco
Icehouse cool, but Nu Shooz not so
On the fringe you hear Red Rider
At Timbuk 3, the future’s brighter
XTC in my Impala
Wall of Voodoo eats iguana
Practice safety when you’re dancin’
Frankie wants to keep relaxin’
Bonnie Tyler wears mascara
There’s Chicago’s Pete Cetera
Adam Ant and Guns and Roses
Big hair metal manly poses

That decade rocked
And the eighties still roll me
When I sing in the shower
You’ll hear new wave crooning
(yo, yo, yo, yo)
See seagulls flock
To the sound of my oldies
Psycho killer tracks pounding
Madness on my Sony’s

Bono, Bowie, Furs and Frida
Oingo Boingo, Billy’s Beaters
See attractions sing with Elvis
That one never moved his pelvis
Joe the Jackson steppin’ out there
Terri Nun and not quite white hair
Bryan Ferry at the Roxy
Simple Minds displayin' moxie
Echo and his bunny brothers
Blondie, Bronski, and the Buggles
Thomas Dolby sounds terrific
Robyn Hitchcock quite prolific
Specials, Church taught Modern English
A-ha, Norway, they’re not Swedish
Minute Men, the Clash, the Pixies
Tears for Fear, the Dregs of Dixie
52’s were never bombers
Serving butter beans with lobster
Annie Lennox, Knack, and Devo
If I’ve missed yours, use your TiVo.

That decade rocked
And the eighties still roll me
Years that make me so proud of
All the songs that moved me
(whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)
That decade rocked
And their sounds of life grooved me
Music painted in dayglo
Fresh today and always.
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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