Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bagel, I'm a Want You

(to Baby I'm-A Want You)

Bagel, I’m-a want you
Bagel, gonna eat you
You’re the chewy one I munch upon and rave about
Maybe I’m a-grazin’
On the goodness you provide

From dough that was a-boilin’
Won’t see me recoilin’
From the mighty tasty morsel that provides my power
Bagel I’m-a happy
All the breakfast foods are nappy without you

Used to be cream cheese would often grace your toasty sides
Then I gained five hundred pounds, now I can’t see my thighs…

Now I’m spreadin’ salmon
It’d be a nasty famine without you.

Why are you so evil and so good and taste so cool?
Curse you carbohydrates, you alone will make me drool.
Oh, life so cruel.

Bagel, I’m-a want you
Bagel gonna eat you

Oh, the bagel’s gone
Is there another?

Bagel, I’m-a want you
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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