Tuesday, March 9, 2010


(to the song Lola by the Kinks)

I found it in a store down on Main and 4th
Where the sell old things
And they spray for bugs like ebola
B-o-l-a bola

It looked purple green
And I pounced on the chance
I plunked down the cash
And for fifty bucks I had a sofa
S-o-f-a sofa
Sa sa sa sa

Well I'm not your world's most athletic guy
But after thirteen flights
All of my bones were tired
And cried "Sofa!"
Sa sa sa sa

Well when I'm pooped,
Then my body demands
That I drop like a stone
And then snore like a man
On a sofa
Sa sa sa sa

Well I slept that day
But through the night
Something was off
Not feeling right
I sat straight up
And with three eyes did see
A lad's little face saying
"Hey mom, come see!"

Well I'm not the world's most faint hearted guy
But when I looked in it's eyes,
Well I almost died
On my sofa
So so so so
So so so so

I shook sleep away
I jumped for the door
I'm chilled to the core
I got close to my keys
Then it blocked my path, and stared at me

So there's no way
That my words can relate
What my eyes beheld
On my strangest day on a sofa
So so so so

Earth is on Mars
And Mars is on Earth
It' knick knack paddy whacked
Trippy world on a sofa
So so so so

Well I'd left Mars
Just a year before
And I'd never ever
Saw a human before
The human smiled
And shook me by the paw
And said "Mister Martian
I'm gonna show you to ma."

I'm not of this world,
But I'm quite a fan
And I know how to rest
Just like you human's can
That's on a sofa
Sa sa sa sa
Sa sa sa sa
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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