Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Sam I Am

(To the song Stand By Your Man)

Sometimes it’s hard
To keep your temper
Thinking that a schmuck would understand
Said ‘no’ one time
And said ‘no’ two times
Listenin’ to him pitch green eggs and ham

And if you tell him
“No thanks, fellah.”
You would think he knows just where you stand
But then he tells you
“This green becomes you.
For breakfast, friend, I am your man.”

"I’m Sam I am.
I’ve pork and poultry for you
They’re green and healthy for you.
Taste right and aren’t too boney.

I’m Sam I am
Bon appétit my homey
Just take a bite, you’ll be a fan.
Green eggs and ham.”

Then my gun jammed
I lost my chance to cap him
Won’t in the mood for tastin’ ham
Poor shot I am.
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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