Monday, March 22, 2010


In a classroom not far from the place where you’re at
Some children sat down and decided to chat
Of things that adults were so passionate about
How both mom and pop’s voices often would shout
Of the terrors their neighbors were plotting next door
Their fabric of dignity tattered and torn.

So Billy began with a comment he gleaned
From his dad, whom he thought, was both loving and clean
“The commies next door want to take all our rights.
They’re mean and they’re evil and they’re not really bright.
They’re communist dogs who should never see light.”

And Millie then laughed, her freckles abundant,
“My Mom finds her truth in the words of a pundit.
Why think for one’s self, when someone else dunnit?”

And Maple agreed, her sweetness displayed
“Conservatives seem to be ruining our day.
They’re rich and they steal all the poor people’s stuff
And tell those in need, they should just suck it up.”

“That’s nothing,” said Levon. “Those liberals are crap.
At least that’s what dad says when he pays income tax.
He says they hate God, their words are decievin'
They’re hateful, elitist, and spawns of bad demons.”

And Sherri chimed in, her face cool and collected
“My mom says the poor are just overprotected.
And why should we help them through government plans.
The market can fix it, can’t they understand?”

Tony just laughed, and he said way too loud
“My daddy says right wings are stodgy and proud.
They don’t care for those whose income is low.
He says they don’t want those low incomes to grow.”

But Bennie was silent, his hands held his head
He seemed to be thinking of words that’d been said.
“It seems that our parents are fixed with their thoughts.
I guess it’s the way all our folks have been taught.
Should we all subscribe to the thoughts in extreme
And loathe all the ones with whom we don’t agree?
Life is complex, and as short as a song.
Would things be lots better if we all got along?”

All eyes were upon him, their faces were glazed.
As if light had shifted and broke through a haze.

“Don’t be such a pansy,” they said in accord.
“To do so is weakness, and makes us all bored.
To do so will find you both lame and ignored.
Tis better to be the one’s screaming for grease
Than being the ones who are praying for peace.”

Copyright 2010 Warren Baker


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