Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Ran (The Saga of Sir Robin)

(To I Ran by Flock of Seagulls)

My king, he is a noble man
A mission from our God who’s quest is true
Our king will see us through
With cocoanuts, we search the land
We ride away, my minstrels sing their tune
To danger, we’re immune

And we’ll run,
We’ll run into the fray
When we’re done
The Frenchmen go away
The Grail will save the day

We meet a monster on the way
I’ve never seen three heads on one big brute.
I think I wet my suit.
My minstrels sing a silly song
They all insist I’m brave and one mean dude
I love their point of view

So I ran
I ran out of harm’s way
On Earth I wish to stay
To fight another day

After lovely minstrel meal
An aviating rabbit ran us through
We wanted rabbit stew
The Bridge of Death, and questions three
It sounded easy, answers that I knew
And then what does he do?

Change of plan
A change to my dismay
His demand
A wing speed to explain
And so I flew away.
Copyright 2010 Warren Baker

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