Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

(to John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High")

They all swarmed in one autumn
To their polling stations near
Votin’ yes for a taste they once had known before

They see best of days ahead now
You might say they’re now born again
You might say they’ve found the highlife way, for sure

In the new year on the mountain
White mists did coat the day
Wispy clouds were seepin’ from the bongs

And the crowd’s already floatin’
Sporting really happy stares
They get hungry fast and snacks don’t last too long

Got a Colorado Rocky Mountain high
They’re singin’ Grateful Dead at the sky
Less cal’ries than a Bud Light
And better than an apple pie

Rocky Mountain high
(want a taco)
Rocky Mountain high
(High in Colorado)

This here’s no token mountain
They see growing cash ahead
They plan lots of things to make themselves a name

And it seems the Bronco football team
Said so long to orange and blue
Now it’s green and brown, they’re called the Mary Janes

Now we’ve known for while it’s thing to use
Frees patients from their pain
Seeking grace in every puff they take

Some folks say helps them seek God out
Well, I can understand
A divinity in a calm, new altered state.

It’s a Colorado Rocky Mountain high
I’m seein’ saucers black in their eyes
Some’ll stare for hour or two
To watch the clouds go by

Rocky Mountain high
(not tobacco)
Rocky Mountain high
(fly in Colorado)
Rocky Mountain high
(high in Colorado)

Now the Pink Floyd and the hunger
Are not heart of smoky cheer
It’s the nature thing some cannot comprehend

So they say that weed’s the gateway drug
And brings want for harder score
Let’s drink to that, buy another round.

Here in Colorado, Rocky Mountain’s high
We’re seein’ more of tye and the dye
With (all) this talk I’m a hungry man
Can you serve me up a ham on rye?
Rocky Mountain high

It’s-a sayonara, off to mountain, bye
Old laws were simply tired and confined
Spendin’ day at work wired
Can make a body cry

Rocky Mountain high
(glide in Colorado)
Rocky Mountain high
(pass that avocado)
Rocky Mountain high
(here’s more ostinato)
Rocky Mountain high
(goes with my gazpacho)

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