Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Vanity Box

I'm in a vanity box
On a vanity cross
Conjugating tenses
Anticipating senses
Catching on

Waiting on a tailor
While I'm getting paler
Hanging out

I'm not a primitive man
From a primitive clan
Maybe I'm a thinker
Likely I'm a stinker
Thinking that

Head is getting fatter
Eating from a platter
Waiter please

When will it rain?
That day I'll swim out
Or take the train route

I've got a sensitive talk
With a tentative walk
Nevermind the yuppies
Focus on the puppies
Aren't they cute?

Yams are so delicious
Never, ever vicious
Bacon too.

When will it rain?
Which way I'll find out
Real easy? I doubt.

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