Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Amateur

The Amateur
Dearest paint
This room I give thee
May you cover politely with intent
My brushes glopped with thy goo
May they find purchase on blessed walls
For I, being, a simple man and painter of fleeting consequence
Reject the purchase of more goo gloppers
I've plenty
And rollers who easily coat, spinning and crackling
Spray me not
I need no more freckles
Nor hair coloring
Nor fingernails fraught with mysterious Rorsarch blots
And if, during your duties, find the floor
Spread not
Nor find the soles of my feet
Lest they carry you to the ends of the home
Sharing your philanthropic physics with thirsty carpet
Dearest paint
My hands will guide you with implements of consternation
Tedious and odious
And often odorous
Spread evenly, you must
Or off to the store I must
With wallet and reluctance
To the counter for more of you
Though charming and colorful you may be
Expensive art thou since ye aren't free

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