Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday Has Broken

(to Cat Stevens' "Morning Has Broken")

Monday has broken
Eyes are not open
White dog has spoken
'Food is all gone.'

So much for dreaming
Morning I'm mourning
I won't be springing
Blankets are warm.

Hear the cold rain fall
Limbs are all leaden
Then alarm buzz call
Snooze it won’t last

Sleep I must re-press
Or could I bargain?
Bed is my weakness
Night, alas, passed.

What is that bright light
Shown through the curtain?
Eyes are both shut tight
Sun has gained way

Curse with frustration
Curse Monday morning
Sleep’s revocation
Lost to new day

Monday has broken
Thoughts are now forming
Now cat is pokin’
Yowls with concern

Feet on the flooring
Food for the darlings
Cup for me calling
Bed, though, preferred.

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