Saturday, November 3, 2012


(to Paul Simon's "Kodachrome")

Used to get flack for all the snaps
I took on iPhone
Boring JPEG’s
I’m ashamed, appalled.
But with a zap of augmentation
Masterpiece becomes
Soon in Louvre you’ll find them
On the wall

They used to look drab and fartsy
And now they look hip and artsy
Makes my pics pop, amazed
By phone-ee shades
(oh yeah!)
Who needs a Nikon camera?
I love my new iPhone app
Goodbye to old ways
Got Instagram upgrade

Now, before everything I post
The phone’ll tweak ‘em
And fix ‘em all with mood and
Eerie lights
I know I’ve better eye
Than nature’s Ansel Adams
Colored skies would help
His black and whites.

Don’t tell me the style is chintzy
They make me the new da Vinci
Makes me think ev’ry pic’
Needs subtle glaze
(oh yeah!)
I tossed the Nikon camera
Just want to wow a photo gaffe
Hello to new ways
With Instagram let’s play.

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