Sunday, October 28, 2012

Free Verse

(to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird")

I can’t rhyme words at all, now
Don’t have gene inside of me
When I write my ramblings on pad
Ain’t  got too many rhymin’s inside of head

So don’t you judge me weird guy
Rhymes just really aren’t my scene
Cos’ I write free kinda verse, now
And this verse I cannot change
And this rhyme I cannot do
And this song I cannot fix
Lord knows
I can’t rhyme…

I’m not lazy, I’ve got a strange mind
Keeps this rhyming thing at bay
So please be nice, don’t be ungood
Why word woes, I can’t know

So if you say “Here’s a neat word.”
I just couldn’t find the rhyme
Cos’ I write free kinda verse, man
And to rhyme, I am adverse
And those words I cannot pen
And that phrase I cannot jot
Lord knows
I can’t rhyme

Lord, I can’t rhyme
So I’ll write, free verse, yeah…

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