Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trust the Mage

(to Bob Seger's "Turn the Page")

In a land of orcs and golems
Beasts with many arms
Your group tramples through the darkness
Singing words from unknown tongues
They're all filled inside with warm ale
From the bar they left an hour before

Now your group on road’s adventuring
With weapons sharp and crude
And you’re walking midnight hours
When odd shadows come at you
And fierce arms grab swords for fighting
Hope the aim of spell is true

There he is
On the road, a friend
There he is
Staff he will raise
There he goes
Hurling fire again
We all know
Trust the mage

Dice there on the table
Aid a double damage blade
Living out a fantasy
With character you play
And your spells bring things unholy
And they chase the ghouls away

Early in the morning
Game is over, time to sleep
There’s a shadow near the local diner
Skin begins to creep
You cast a spell unhesitant
Then otherworldly shriek

There you are
Facing foe again
There you are
Can’t leave, escape
There you go
Playing part again
They should know
You’re the mage

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